A New Era

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A New Era

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I’m sure by now many of you know that a new committee was formed at the EGM on the 6th March.

The new committee was overwhelmingly voted in despite all of us having virtually no experience in running a club or organising car shows, but we are all keen and enthusiastic and going through a steep learning curve. One thing I can promise, is that the new committee are all committed to the survival of the AAC-UK and the continued enjoyment of our hobby.

Of course, any new committee brings changes and fresh ideas and this one is no different. Working within the confines of the budget passed to us we have several changes and ideas being discussed.

Hatton will go ahead as the sole show put on by the AAC-UK in 2022, but maybe 2023 will offer us more opportunity.

Either way, we are doing this for the club, for the membership, and to enable everyone to enjoy what we have all enjoyed in the past – namely American cars and bikes. But we can’t do this without your help. We need volunteers to help. Not all committee posts were filled at the EGM and there are several non-committee volunteer posts that need filling too or perhaps just assistance around the show. So if you have some skills and time to devote to the AAC-UK please let us know.

We hope you will all continue to support us in our endeavours and look forward to seeing you all soon.
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