Hi all

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Hi all

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Hi everyone,

Jon here from Derby - previously a member WAY back when we had our first (1987) Astro, followed by an '89 Pontiac Grand Prix SE and after that, an Oldsmobile Silhouette.

After around a 20-year 'intermission' we now have a wrongly-registered '98 Astro LT. It's a Japanese model but it's still the factory six-seater inside and hasn't been turned into something that resembles a Victorian brothel!

It's had a bank load of money spent on it since we got it - mostly in correcting the previous owner's neglect and (in some cases) butchery and it's also had a whole raft of modernisations. It's got LED lighting everywhere inside (even the switches where you're not supposed to be able to change the bulbs!).

It's got an all-singing, all-dancing Pioneer touch-screen stereo with DAB, hands-free phone, integrated sat-nav, reversing camera etc. That's fitted using the Metra double DIN kit so it looks like it grew there!

I've put a massive effort into returning it to 'original but modern' where the previous owner probably should have just had a Transit with a plastic seat....!! Still needs a carpet and a few more bits tidying but we're getting there.

Outside, it's had new headlights, indicator/sidelights, brakes (discs, pads, calipers, drums and linings. New steering box, all the ball joints, dampers all round. I had the rear springs remade so it sits up now instead of dragging its ass like an old dog! The photos were taken before most of this.

Just had the wheels powdered Graphite grey and new Conti VanContact tyres all round.

I need to wire up the foglight it never had (now ex-Ford Explorer - direct match for the reverse) fix an electronic problem in the dash and we might get an MoT!

Delighted to hear from other Astro/Safari owners and also if I can help with anything that might be troubling yours - I've had quite a bit of practice by now!



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Re: Hi all

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Nice to see you here
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Re: Hi all

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I am an ex-Astro owner having owned three of them :)

Nice looking van you have there :)
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