Dodge Ram radio tip

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Dodge Ram radio tip

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OK, so here's a tip which might help someone... The radio in my '94 Ram 2500 died. It has the US frequency steps so you could only get odd number FM stations anyway. The radio is not a standard DIN size (no reason why it would be TBH). I saw some conversions with a blanking plate & harness adaptor to fit a single DIN radio but they looked very non standard & not great.
Fortunately there's an easy fix. Get a radio from a UK spec Jeep Cherokee XJ. It's the right size, looks factory & the mounting lugs & harness connectors are the same, making it plug & play. Been working in my truck for 3 or 4 years now.
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Re: Dodge Ram radio tip

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Thanks for posting this - I'm sure it will help someone :)
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