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Hello, I'm not one to useually start or even pick a fight..... But it seem's to me that an awfull lot of work has gone into making this website so that members can come and say "hi" I have been a member of this club for about a year now and I to am guilty of not being involved also. SO, I thought I would be the one to say Hello everyone, I drive a 1992 Dodge Ram 250 van, I have had several American vehicles in my time, inc: a couple of Camero's a 65 F150 Pick-up truck which had been stretched by its previous owner to a completely undriveable state, to use as a flatbed American car transporter... he failed. I took a gas axe to it and returned it to a more useable lenth. I'm sure we all have stories of our rides, but back to my van, I have (like most) spent more than I should on it getting it to either run right or look right. (I have only achieved one of those so far) She who must be obeyed, has not allways shared my vision and has on more than one occasion asked how long is it going to look like that or I'm not getting in that till you make it quieter!! I use the van for my small craft stall and travel around a hundred miles or so from our base here in the Greater Manchester area, and for any shows and meets locally. Well, that's me done, Thanks for listening to my ramblings, have a nice day y'all.
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Thanks for posting. It’s good to read about you and your story 😉
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